Abdominal self-massage: abdominal-self-massage

Brief acupressure self-massage: dr-zhu-self-massage

Eight Silken Brocades Taoist Self Massage (from The Chinese Way to a Long and Healthy Life): I had to upload this one sideways. (Some browesers, R-click will rotate it. Or you can export it to your computer as an Adobe pdf and rotate the view.  Go to your browser’s File: Save As. Export to your computer and put it where you’ll find it. When you open it in Adobe, go to View and rotate counterclockwise.

Ear acupressure/acupuncture: ear-points There is a point in the ear for every part of the body, including the endocrine and nervous systems. For this chart to make sense, imagine that you are looking at a fetus curled up, upside down. The brain is at the bottom. The chest cavity is the lowest open space close to the face; the abdomen is the second open space, around the curve of the cartilage that goes horizontally almost across the middle. The pelvic cavity is the third open space close to the face – a small triangular region. The spine is the cartilage that runs vertically up the ear and branches back toward the face to enclose the pelvic region’s space.

Addiction ear points: ear-addiction-nada-acacd These are great points for anxiety and agitation. I have people rub them during meetings while appearing to be thoughtfully considering what’s being said. Sometimes we use seeds or press-tacks taped to these points to increase the stimulation.

Emotional Freedom Technique:

GREAT DVD!! Acupressure for Everyone: 12 Acupuncture Points that Can Save Your Life and The 12 Alarm Points of Acupuncture for Self-Diagnosis or

Illustrations / Point locations for 12 Acupuncture Points that Can Save Your Life: illust-loc-12-acup-pts-save-life-2

Illustrations / Point locations for The 12 Alarm Points of Acupuncture for Self-Diagnosis (and treatment): illustrated-locations-12-alarm-points

Here is an audio clip with his instructions on how to massage the points.  It’s very important to touch the points in a healing and conscious way, working with the breath, as he explains in this excerpt: 01-how-to-massage

Ayurvedic self massage (abhyanga) done with oil (which calms the nervous system) is particularly helpful after the end of an intimate relationship when one must adjust to the loss of loving touch:   ayurvedic-self-massage

  • helps improve circulation and lubrication
  • helps strengthen and tone the muscles and joints
  • helps release deep-seated toxins for elimination from the body
  • helps keep skin supple, moisturized and nourished
  • helps balance the emotions and keep the mind calm yet focused and alert
  • helps increase energy through the day and promotes sound sleep at night