Dietary program to heal the digestive system, balance blood sugar, regulate weight and rebuild the adrenals:  dietary-program

Because how we eat is as important as what we eat:  food-prayers-and-meditations

Two articles well worth reading if you want to heal on a deep level: Health benefits of broth and gelatin: Broth is beautiful and Gelatin, stress, longevity: . .  at this point, my back trouble is mostly sciatica, which is a drag but better than a month ago.  I am being quite careful.  If at some point, you could share with me a recipe for how to make the soup w/  chicken bone marrow which you gave me, I would be most grateful.  Besides being delicious, I am certain that it helped me a great deal with tissue repair. – H

The Chinese use chicken feet soup. Recipes: chicken-feet-recipes . (Apologies, the URLs on that page aren’t direct links.)

A simple bone soup recipe: bone-soup-martha-b More recipes in the cookbook Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

Often, people aren’t getting adequate high quality protein. Fish, traditionally one of the best sources, is now suspect. For a guide to safe, sustainable seafood, see Barton Seaver’s book, For Cod and Country published in 2011.

Some people hesitate to eat meat as a way of supporting our fellow creatures on the planet. Traditional stories have helped people who need to eat meat to establish a respectful relationship with those beings. Hunting peoples like the Inuit (Eskimo) have contemplated this dilemma deeply: walrus-story-stories . In a similar way, Tibetan Buddhist lamas offer rituals to guide the spirits of animals killed by hunters in the remote gorges of the Tsahgpo River; they are described in the wonderful book by Ian Baker: The Heart of the World. The 2011 film Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog explores the mystery of ancient cave paintings of animals our ancestors hunted 32,000 years ago. Even then, we were honoring the beings who help us live.  What we can do now is choose meat from animals who are raised and slaughtered in humane ways. Temple Grandin’s work has probably done more to alleviate the suffering of sentient beings than anyone living today: Can Animals You Eat Be Treated Humanely?   Michael Pollan’s TED talk, The Omnivore’s Next Dilemma, offers a similar perspective:

Zinc shortens colds, Zinc taste test: