Living Well

Chronotherapy — using the rhythm of life to heal and restore: chronotherapy-rhythm — the modern scientific version.

Ancient Chinese version of chronotherapy, the chinese-clock from the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Huang Di Nei Jing), 200 BCE.

Modern version: Dr. Dan Siegel’s “Healthy Mind Platter”:

Need help creating a sustainable daily schedule?  This schedule builder and guide may help:  sustainable-daily-schedule

Hara/kidney warmers : (haramaki in Japan)  is a tubular piece of fabric that is worn around the midsection to warm the internal organs, especially kidneys. According to Eastern medicine, the Kidneys are the foundation of health. When your Kidneys are warm and working well, the whole body is healthy, and the vital energy, or chi, flows throughout. To make your own:

The effects of kegel exercise on sexual pleasure: